bis vincit qui se vinci

He who conquers himself is twice victorious

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I just got a 3DS, what should I get for it?

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Also what the fuck, I don’t post for 4 months and I lost 12 followers?! This is nonsense!

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I went back home to visit my parents today, pretty much the only thing my mom said to me was that I should consider getting on Fluoxetine to “deal with the kind of symptoms I’ve been having lately”

She is really doubling down on the idea that I have some sort of panic disorder. I have my doubts, since any anxiety I’ve been having is related to the sudden, unexplained pain in my chest, arms and ribs. I’m going to get that checked out.

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I can identify with this expression pretty much always
Buy me so I it’s pizza know real?

The new Smash Bros game will feature two modes for online play.
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What’s Jesus going on about? Find out here.


This isn’t even his final form.

he looks like a pineapple head in ‘93


when hunting for Pokemon in Google Maps I came across a opera house in Paris that had a Sableye right outside it

I found the Phantom of the Opera

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